Creating Slamdance 16th

Talking with Lucas Elliot, executive producer and creative supervisor in Boolab, we decided to add new layers of symbolism to the movie, bringing the analogy of the bird breaking out from the egg and her setting up a videocamera in the beginning. Lucas brought some other key references like Sergei Paradjanov, the Armenian director, or Kenneth Anger, that influenced the original script as well.

With Iris Heitzinger, the choreographer, we worked together to get the mood of latin American Vodoo rituals, where the participants loose themselves completely to higher forces. We were very lucky to find the two girls, Carlota Urdiales (the teenager) and Jessica Alonso (the adult) not only have physical similarities and a very strong presence, but they both are great actresses and have a serious dance background, so we couldn't ask for more.

Being the first collaboration of Boolab with The Ebeling Group, i am really happy on how everything went so smoothly through the whole process, and this made that we could step firmly on every stage to take the very best of its potential, and make an exponential advance until the end.

I first heard about the project back in August. Peter Baxter, founder of Slamdance, had some interesting ideas about what the number 16 meant to them as a festival. He wanted to establish an analogy between adolescence and the current momentum of independent filmmaking, going through so many changes like the universal access to powerful production technology and new distribution channels. In our conversation he mentioned how he felt about independent filmmaking leaving its infancy to enter into an exciting new stage.

This transition, from childhood to adolescence, where the true potential of the individual is revealed, draw me immediately to a picture of one of my favourites photographers, Rineke Dijkstra. The first inspiration for the piece comes from this picture of a girl posing in the beach in Kolobrzeg, Poland.
I wrote a script where a 14 years old girl enters a trance to leave totally changed. I wanted to express the energy behind the changes taking part in this particular stage of life through dance and movement.

Some of my sketches for the film