Been there, done that.
Sketchbooks 2011-2015

Everyone is a great artist… until they are around 13 and then they start sucking. Around that time you have to start again from the beginning, and you may never reach your 5-year-old genius again. Nico kept drawing well beyond 13, in the hopes of rediscovering this childhood inspiration, and his journey continues to this day. When he moved to Barcelona in 2001 he started drawing in blank books. 14 years later they have culminated in an unpublished body of work, a selection of which is contained in this book. He hopes that just as with “Where’s Waldo” you might be able to spot his 5-year-old self tangled in the mass of lines and textures.

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Drawing Sofía
Sketches and artwork for the film Finding Sofía

When I was working on Finding Sofía’s script I found myself drawing way too much for a writer, until I accepted it as my way of entering totally uncharted territory for me. That year I drew the characters, the house, the calendar, the animation sequences, and did countless iterations of Alex’s sketchbook, trying to nail the style of his drawings. This book is a selection of that creative procrastination.