About BattleScar

BattleScar is a Virtual Reality experience starring Rosario Dawson. The film follows a year in the life of Lupe, a Puerto Rican-American living in late 1970’s New York City. The film utilises Lupe’s handwritten journal to guide us through her experiences spanning across the year 1978 as she meets Debbie, another runaway kid living in the city. Debbie will introduce Lupe to the Punk scene of the Bowery and expose her to the secret worlds co-existing in the Lower East Side in the late 70’s.  BattleScar is a coming of age drama that explores the theme of identity through the use of animation and immersive environments in virtual reality.

BattleScar premiered in Sundance Film Festival 2018. Adi Robertson, from The Verge described the film as done with “Unusual confidence and Sophistication”. BattleScar was covered by Indi Wire, Screen Anarchy, Filmmaker Magazine, among other outlets.

Narrated by: Rosario Dawson

Directed by:  Nico Casavecchia / Martín Allais

Written by: Nico Casavecchia

Produced by: Atlas V in coproduction with 1STAveMachine, Fauns and Arte France in association with Kaleidoscope VR.

Sound Design & Original Music : AntFood

Official website:

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BattleScar premiered at Sundance Film Festival 2018. Check out the official website for new screenings.

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